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Whois version 1.5 – What’s New?

Initially you should know that if you were already using the previous version (Whois module v.1.0) on your website … NO NEED TO DO ANYTHING to update it, your module has been automatically renewed and you can enjoy all the advantages offered by the new version.

Although the new Whois offers many improvements and advantages over the previous version, this update does not require to make any changes to the configuration of your current module and, if you want, you can continue using the same parameters that you have been using until now, because it no will affect the functionality of the module.

However, we recommend you take a look at the changes because we are sure that all the possibilities offered by this new version will be of your interest.

Now you can use your whois module to offer your visitors searches of any type of domain. The tool accepts all TLD extensions, both generic gTLDs as country-code domains (ccTLD) and third level queries (ex. “”). If you want, you can limit the types of TLD to search using a new filter parameter in the module configuration.

We have improved the system configuration module reducing greatly the number of parameters (less functional ones) with updating and improving of the rest.
Now, you dont need to include any prefix in the definition of the color codes. To clarify and simplify the configuration have been eliminated this fields: &wtext_3, &wtext_4, &wscrollbars, &wtxtexit, &wtxtcontract, &wtextffamily, &wtextfsize and &wtextfcolor.

Now you can replace the image of the search button for a simple text button and easily customize this element with the word or words that best fit your needs.
If you want to use an image as the search button, you can also customize the size of the image to fit the needs of location, style and theme of your website.
The link in the module has been modified, reducing its scope to the text itself.
We have also changed the presentation of the results window, placing the information found in an layer with automatic scroll bars. Thus you can display simultaneously the header, the results of the search and the navigation links.
Now it includes a “in process” indicator that appears while the program performs the operation.

We offer a great variety of images to choose for using like search button on the module. We also provide a wide range of background images to configure the search module and the results data window.
So, you may show a whois module with a style according to your website, maintaining a balance in the designs and offering visitors to your page a professional, elegant and functional aspect.

Now you can type a full URL and the program will clean the text reducing it to only the search domain.
We have adapted the program to configurate the language as a parameter so that the module and the results can be presented in the selected language. Currently the module is available in English and Spanish but we’re working on other new languages​​.
We have also included a new parameter to indicate the character set (charset) of your page (if not is standard iso-8859-1) to avoid any corruption that might occur in the presentation of the texts.

In this latest update we have corrected several problems that had begun to appear with the arrival of new versions of browsers.
Our team maintains a constant revision of the code to detect and fix any errors that may occur during the use of the tools.
An exhaustive surveillance to neutralize and eliminate any incident. It gives to website owner a greater confidence in the tool offering an efficient and comfortable experience for the visitors.

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