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Terms of use

Next we named “the user” like the person who will include the tools in his web.
User must maintain promotional links and texts included in this tool actives and totally visible.
Likewise, the user can modify, add or remove parameters set for the proper functioning of the service.
The user is solely responsible for any damages or consequences it may cause to the use of the tools included in in the website and/or servers for conducting illegal activities or in bad faith, such as unauthorized access attempts (hacking),spam on ​​the tool, spoofing, trolling, system security testing, unnecessary resource abuse, or any other activity that might damage the service, the site or the server that hosts it.
In this case, take appropriate action to expose the user to the appropriate authorities.
In any case it is strictly forbidden to use this tool on websites that display or link to pages that violate Spanish law, to pages with pornographic content, of dubious morality or who abuse the legal rights of others.
In any case the user will be solely responsible for such links exonerating of all responsibility. is not responsible for the misuse that users can do with this tool.
In all cases the user will be solely and fully responsible for any damage or injury (physical, systems errors, loss of data, customers, sales, or other), caused to self or others exonerating any liability arising directly or could ever be.
Also, has full right to deny or allow access or use any user without notice.
Chatox have equally the right to modify this tool in all its aspects including the free license as it sees fit without any obligation to notify users, who must accept any changes.
We do not provide any guarantees regarding this service stability and/or availability.
Mere use of this tool implies acceptance of these conditions mandatory.

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